About Us

We make disability insurance easy. The perception is that disability insurance is hard. Difficult to get. Complicated. Expensive. 


Over the last two decades, we have dispelled these myths by making it simple for producers to deliver superior levels of service and creative income protection solutions.

Every client has a unique set of specific needs. And there is no substitute for personal service. 

With customized solutions, we educate our partners on the viable options necessary to generate value and client satisfaction. Addressing everything from disability and life insurance to advanced business planning, we help your clients secure their personal and professional financial needs.

Make it Easy

Paycheck Protection

With 7 Americans experiencing a disabling injury or illness every minute, disability insurance is often the insurance customers don’t think they need until it is too late -- this is unfortunate and it’s our responsibility to be the advocates that our clients need us to be.

Get An Advocate.

Life Insurance

It’s not just disability insurance that we make easier. We can help you shop the market for the most attractive term insurance rates and additionally, we can provide advanced estate and business planning solutions.

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Real People, Real Solutions

Our business is personal and our team greets every partnership with a commitment to transparency and a requirement for open, direct communication.

From requesting a quote for a client to helping you learn how to promote DI to your target markets, our associates are here for your business. We educate, we collaborate and we drive results. Your success is always the first priority.